Wheelie Bike Project Update for Over Center-Over Fifty

TTR225 Wheelie Project Bike

Our TTR225 Wheelie Bike Project Is Coming Along

Yes, there is a lot to talk about in this update for our Over Center-Over Fifty project!
Let me start by admitting to fact that I was NOT READY for that loss of balance feeling that comes when the bike goes “over center”. I panicked, then immediately left the pegs, and jumped to my feet.

Using a Blind Hole Bearing Puller Tool

Removing, Repacking, and Replacing Bearings and Seals

It is an incredibly strange feeling at first and all of those scary attempts made in real life flashed before me…..again. Even with all of the safety and structural integrity designed into our fixture, the sensation is just as terrifying. It wasn’t just me either, my brother Reuben had an even more dramatic response (much more vocal than mine).

TTR225 Front Hub and Spokes

Our Project’s Front Wheel Lacing

That feeling of “Going Over” was absolutely terrifying! Now, I’m pleased to report that after a couple of minutes of practice, we were able to sit on the balance point and breathe. It is gratifying to learn just how quickly we both got comfortable sitting and balancing the bike “below, on, and over center”. Within just minutes, both of us could use our upper torso and rear brake pedal to move the bike through the balance zone.

We’re not ready for an engine or gasoline yet and we still have a lot of practice in the sitting and standing positions that we want to go through (we both do fear death you know). We also know that Fixture Practice and Real Life balancing will be different, but we do feel that we’re going to be a lot better prepared for that “Going Over” feeling and not panic/freeze when that magic point is reached. We’re optimistic that we’ll be applying braking rather than the screams and loud expletives heard earlier.

TTR225 Lacing Secrets Using Bag Ties

Gordon’s Secret To Wheel Lacing Includes Bag Ties

There are several repair and maintenance steps still left on our project, so we’ll be busy performing those in the coming weeks. We’ll also be adding “How To” articles on the maintenance steps already performed and those to come for our RRRToolSolutions.com Articles library, so please check those out. Our goal is to publish one article every 3 days which means you’ll have something fresh each time you visit.

Our next update will come in about 2 weeks where we’ll talk more about the fixture practice and the final stages of bike assembly, engine preparation, tuning, adjustments, gearing, brake arcing, and getting ready for the Real Deal – Riding Over Center. We do plan to embed some video of our fixture practice and we’ll start laying out our expenses. We promised to do this on a budget and we’re on-track so far.

Truing Rim For Roundness and Tracking

Truing Our Rim For Roundness and Tracking

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