Wheelie Bike Project Update #2

TTR225 Yamaha On Stand Waiting On Parts

We’re getting excited! Our wheelie training project bike is almost complete. We’ve got a few parts that we’re waiting on, but those should be here by the weekend. I have carelessly lost/miss-placed the new, OEM air filter received 2 weeks ago so a replacement was ordered and then I got carried away with the gearing ratios and installed a new 13 tooth drive sprocket (stock is 15) which will not work.

We Practice On our Wheelie Project BikePro

With the new 13 tooth sprocket installed, the base circle at the front was too small for the chain to clear the swingarm. The links would not fit onto the sprocket because the retainer that holds the sprocket in-place had interference. Good idea and would have given a final-drive ratio of 4.54:1, but poor execution so the new 4.21:1 final drive ratio (59/14) is where we’ll be. That should give the small 225 enough mechanical advantage to wheelie-up without using the clutch if we load/unload the suspension correctly. Stock gearing is 58/15 (3.86:1).

Compression Check On the TTR225

We did have another obstacle with the aftermarket 59T rear sprocket. The eBay seller listed the brand-new Moose Racing sprocket as made for and fitting the TTR225 Yamaha and 428 chain. This was not the case and while the bolt pattern and offset worked perfectly, the teeth were 60 thousandths too wide as compared to the old, factory original causing the chain to bind – the teeth would not fit into the space between the side plates (width). The pitch was fine (round valley/peaks spacing). Since I had already thrown all of the packaging away and the sprocket was mounted, I decided to taper the teeth using my 4″ angle grinder. We did this carefully while rotating the wheel and holding the grinder in a fixed position for precise angle and taper. It works!

Arcing the Brake Shoe To Fit the Drum

We’ve had a lot of fun and laughs putting this together and Yes – there are lots of video and articles to post-up for our growing “How To” Libraries in the coming weeks so Stay Tuned!

We’ve rebuilt a Carburetor, restored several sections of the Wiring Harness, Blueprinted and Improved the Brake Shoes to fit our Drum (Arcing), Checked and Verified Compression, Disc Brake Bleeding, and Fluid Replacement. and Yes, the engine runs and is ready to go.

Motorcycle Wheelie Training Project Bike

Published on Nov 22, 2015
This is an update on our motorcycle wheelie training bike. We bought this motorcycle so two over 50 guys can get over the fear of going over center while trying to pop a wheelie on a motorcycle.

We paid $150.00 for this motorcycle and if nothing else it has provided a lot of footage for motorcycle how to videos. So don’t forget to like and share

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