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Motorcycle Restoration Planning – Breaking Your Project Into Manageable Segments

Finding Treasures In a Barn

Barn Finds Are Out There

Restoring motorcycles has been a long, 40+ year dream that became a hobby many years ago. As a hobby, it’s given me years of enjoyment and fulfillment of those years waiting. I’ve met many of my best friends in the process of restoring and collecting too. The restorations had me reaching out to people and businesses all across the world for parts, knowledge, and resources. It’s really amazing how much the Internet changed the How, What, and most significantly, the Quality of restoring I could accomplish. Starting in the mid 90’s, the Internet boom gave us forums, message boards, and on-line shopping where we could learn and find better parts. In just a few short years, NOS parts long gone from local dealerships could be purchased off of eBay and other valuable sites. With today’s Internet resources, I believe it is possible to produce almost any production motorcycle ever made from new, NOS or pattern parts. It is possible to build a vintage machine today and do it better than it was new – you can “Google” and buy today what was practically impossible to find 20 years ago…..
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