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Motorcycle Parts OEM Parts How to Find Them With Microfiche

Honda ST1300 Cylinder Head Microfiche

St1300 Honda Cylinder Head Assembly
Motorcycle parts fall into 2 major categories – OEM parts – (original equipment manufacturer) and those from the Aftermarket. For the OEM Parts, there are some great, Free Microfiche tools that can help us to Identify the OEM Part Numbers, their stacked Placement and orientation, and Quantity of the same Parts used in the assembly.

Whether you’re looking to make a single item repair, to make repair to multiple ST1300 Honda Left Cylinder Head Placementcomponents, or a full-on motorcycle restoration project start to finish, the Interactive Microfiche websites like the ones available through RonAyers.com and many others are a good way to get started.

For those of us riding and maintaining Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles made over the last 40 + years, these Microfiche tools are outstanding.

Honda CL77 305 Project
They show year and model definition details with high accuracy and the part numbers that go into making each bike. Just a heads-up about using on-line microfiche though, a listing for a motorcycle part and it’s price detail for that part Does Not mean that the OEM part is available or that one exist in the world.

I’ve seen that happen many times over the years – want OEM or NOS Honda CL77 305 Parts Inventory and AccessmentSeat Hinges for a 1965~1967 Honda CB450KO? An Exhaust System for a 1974 Suzuki GT750? Not going to happen…….

I’m a planner. I love taking projects of the worst kind and breaking them down into dozens of manageable pieces.

Microfiche pages have been a part of my process for many years.

I find the on-line microficheMicrofiche Website Page 1 that best covers the motorcycle in my project and I print out every page. I then bind those pages into a folder that I have in my workshop for constant access. During the teardown, I mark which parts I’m going to need to replace or find.

Sometimes on the older machines, OEM Parts are not available, but knowing the OEM Part number, how many are used, and exactly where they go in the assembly can help us find them through eBayPage 2 Microfiche for Motorcycle Parts and OEM Parts and other selling resources.

Using the “where used” feature of the microfiche website has led me to salvaged parts of the correct part number from different years/models that could be restored for use. As I order and later receive each part, I document that onto the microfiche page.

This same Printed Microfiche then becomes an integral part of the “Assembly Manual” where I’ll check to see that I Motorcycle Parts Page 3 Microfichehave and use all of the motorcycle parts that I intended to.

Microfiche pages are usually drawn and grouped into assemblies of related parts.

These assemblies can guide the new restorer or mechanic through each segment of the repair. As mentioned earlier, the microficheMotorcycle Parts and OEM Parts Finder Where Used Feature page is a good tool for keeping record of parts ordered, parts received, and parts used during assembly. They go from being a planning tool to an assembly tool, then onto a recorded tool for each/every bike I’ve restored.

Make friends with your favorite Microfiche website for motorcycle parts and be sure to use the OEM Parts Tool on your next motorcycle repair or motorcycle restoration project.

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Diagnosing and Re-Engineering The 1965-1974 Honda 450 Electric Starter

CL450 K1 1969 Honda

Many of us hold Honda’s 444cc DOHC Twins built between 1965~1974 sacred and believe them to be among the true engineering marvels of their time. There is however one dark, dirty little secret that you don’t hear much about. The Electric Starter Systems were under-built and would often fail in just a few thousand miles.
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Motorcycle Camping and Travel Preparation

Touring On Motorcycles

The Rules of Motorcycle Travel defy the old saying “You Can’t Take It With You”. At RRR, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and packaging of Motorcycle Tools and Motorcycle Tool Kits specifically for those dreaded roadside and trailside breakdowns. Our Axle Nut Socket Set, Motorcycle Axle Drivers, and Motorcycle Tool Roll Kits are essential for repairs, adjustments, and recovery steps to get you back on your route.
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Motorcycle Brakes Understanding Disc and Drum Performance

Dual Disc From 1985 Kawasaki GPZ750E

1985 Kawasaki GPZ750E Turbo Featured Dual Disc and Anti-Dive Technology

Motorcycle Brakes are the 2nd most important control system that we have on a bike. Second only to our Tires, Braking Performance can make riding a blast and in the extreme – be the difference between Life and Death. Sure, we’ve all seen the “Speedway Bikes” running in circles at full lock without any brakes (those guys are crazy!), but our real-world experiences have us wanting and needing great performing brake systems. Let’s talk through the science of those Brake Systems so we understand what’s going on a little better.
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Motorcycle Restoration Planning – Breaking Your Project Into Manageable Segments

Finding Treasures In a Barn

Barn Finds Are Out There

Restoring motorcycles has been a long, 40+ year dream that became a hobby many years ago. As a hobby, it’s given me years of enjoyment and fulfillment of those years waiting. I’ve met many of my best friends in the process of restoring and collecting too. The restorations had me reaching out to people and businesses all across the world for parts, knowledge, and resources. It’s really amazing how much the Internet changed the How, What, and most significantly, the Quality of restoring I could accomplish. Starting in the mid 90’s, the Internet boom gave us forums, message boards, and on-line shopping where we could learn and find better parts. In just a few short years, NOS parts long gone from local dealerships could be purchased off of eBay and other valuable sites. With today’s Internet resources, I believe it is possible to produce almost any production motorcycle ever made from new, NOS or pattern parts. It is possible to build a vintage machine today and do it better than it was new – you can “Google” and buy today what was practically impossible to find 20 years ago…..
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Wheelie Bike Project Update #2

TTR225 Yamaha On Stand Waiting On Parts

We’re getting excited! Our wheelie training project bike is almost complete. We’ve got a few parts that we’re waiting on, but those should be here by the weekend. I have carelessly lost/miss-placed the new, OEM air filter received 2 weeks ago so a replacement was ordered and then I got carried away with the gearing ratios and installed a new 13 tooth drive sprocket (stock is 15) which will not work.
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Motorcycle Tools for Roadside Repairs

RRR Tool Solutions Motorcycle Tool Roll Kit

There are many reasons why the RRR Tool Solutions 46 Piece Adventure Tool Roll Kit is the best you can buy. Let us explain –

First, our tools are made to fit Metric Motorcycles, ATV’s and Snowmobiles. Second, they are the most complete assortment of tools that you’ll need for your Roadside or Trailside Repairs. Third, they are compact and all fit into our exclusive RRR Tool Solutions Textile Tool Roll. The tools are made for the Roll, the Roll is made for the tools. We added two additional slots and a zippered pocket into our roll for those favorite items that you might want to add.
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Motorcycle Aluminum Polishing and Buffing

Suzuki 1974 GT750 After Poilishing

A Clean, Polished GT750 Engine For My 1974 Suzuki Restoration

All of us has one, I’m sure of it. Somewhere in our family of bikes, there is at least one engine in the group that we really like and have been secretely thinking about making Motorcycle Bling out of. Our vintage bikes incorporate their engines as part of the appearance package. For me, nothing adds more to a great bike and it’s looks than it’s engine. On that same front, nothing takes away more from those looks that a dirty, dull, and badly oxidized engine.
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Gasoline Facts About Using and Storing Gasoline – Ethanol Blends

Ethanol and Gasoline Blends are Everywhere

Gasoline / Ethanol Blends Are Everywhere

I have a thing for motorized machines. 99% of my toys and recreational equipment has a Gasoline Engine bolted onto or inside! Whether it’s a boat, motorcycle, ATV, truck, or car – I’m hooked on the combustion process and have been for 5 decades. I recently did research into some of the problems that I and others were having with Gasoline Use and Storage. My goal was to find a way to Live with Ethanol. I can’t stop it, I only hope that I can continue to find outlets for Non-Ethanol Gasoline, but I fear the day will come when Gasoline/Ethanol Blends are the Only choice.

Let me share some of what I learned to help us understand what and how we can Live with the Blend. As the advertising director of a national magazine, I was able to interview and make exchanges with the Technical Management of two of the largest suppliers of Fuel Conditioners. With their help, I had a much better understanding of the problem and the survival.
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Wheelie Bike Project Update for Over Center-Over Fifty

TTR225 Wheelie Project Bike

Our TTR225 Wheelie Bike Project Is Coming Along

Yes, there is a lot to talk about in this update for our Over Center-Over Fifty project!
Let me start by admitting to fact that I was NOT READY for that loss of balance feeling that comes when the bike goes “over center”. I panicked, then immediately left the pegs, and jumped to my feet.
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