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Honda 1974 CB750 Four CB750K4

The Honda CB750 Four fully restored

Honda CB750 Motorcycles

The Honda CB750 Four – A Historical Achievement for 1969

I don’t remember the production release of 1969 when the Honda CB750 started hitting the showrooms and was only 11 at the time. Here now 46 years later though, and thousands of us still live with these bikes. Honda introduced the CB750 Four Motorcycle to the world and in doing so, re-wrote what would become the New Normal. It was the first production traverse in-line Four. Four cylinders, four carburetors, four pipes, and a Front Disc Brake. All this was amazing stuff for 1969. It would take years for the rest to catch up. More than ½ Million CB750 Fours were made in just 10 years! (553,400) The last SOHC 750 Four was made almost 40 years ago, ending that amazing run in 1978.
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