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Gasoline Facts About Using and Storing Gasoline – Ethanol Blends

Ethanol and Gasoline Blends are Everywhere

Gasoline / Ethanol Blends Are Everywhere

I have a thing for motorized machines. 99% of my toys and recreational equipment has a Gasoline Engine bolted onto or inside! Whether it’s a boat, motorcycle, ATV, truck, or car – I’m hooked on the combustion process and have been for 5 decades. I recently did research into some of the problems that I and others were having with Gasoline Use and Storage. My goal was to find a way to Live with Ethanol. I can’t stop it, I only hope that I can continue to find outlets for Non-Ethanol Gasoline, but I fear the day will come when Gasoline/Ethanol Blends are the Only choice.

Let me share some of what I learned to help us understand what and how we can Live with the Blend. As the advertising director of a national magazine, I was able to interview and make exchanges with the Technical Management of two of the largest suppliers of Fuel Conditioners. With their help, I had a much better understanding of the problem and the survival.
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