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Suzuki 1974 GT750 Grand Tourismo

Instruments On the 1974 GT750 Suzuki

Water Temperature and Gear Position

The Suzuki GT750 Triple is probably one of history’s most confusing models of motorcycles ever sold to consumers. Some don’t know that it even existed, others do remember it and are still confused, but many of us know and Love these bikes as the Wonderful and Reliable bikes they were. The Suzuki GT750’s were built from 1972 to 1978. They were all large-displacement, 3-cyclinder, 2-Strokes built for Highway Touring, hence the name Grand Tourismo (GT750). They were not performance machines – Kawasaki‘s S1, S2, and the notorious H1’s/H2’s had that covered.
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On Pipe – A Discussion about 2 Stroke Exhaust

Hand built exhaust for Kawasaki motorcycle

“On Pipe” is one of those terms that just brings a smile to most of us that rode the old 2 strokes. On Pipe is in fact one of my favorites terms, but more importantly -it is two words that instantly “trigger” your memories of a particular growling of induction noise the engine made as it came into that MAGIC RPM range where power seemingly doubled!
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