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Our Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System or TPMS keeps you informed about Tire Pressure and Temperature on the front and rear. It’s When, not If you start losing air due to a puncture or damaged bead, our system alerts you with a RED Screen and Flashing Numerals – showing you Which tire is failing and What it’s current pressure is. Just what are those few Precious seconds worth?

We think you’ll agree – Those two small patches of rubber contact between You and the Road are CRITICAL and a Few Seconds ? PRICELESS.

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The sizes of the holes for the value stems

We have Teamed-Up with Orange-Electronic to bring you the Best in Motorcycle Tire Pressure Tire Temperature Monitoring Systems. Ours Go Inside the Tire just like every Passenger Vehicle Manufacturer does it. Safe, Reliable, and Durable. just like every new Automobile sold since 2007 – INSIDE the RIM. Don’t trust those small, screw-on valve-stem Sensors. Look at our TPMS benefits and you’ll see why we use, sell, and stand behind the only the Orange Electronic Systems.

Under-inflation and the heat it produces on the road was linked to the huge and devastating 1999/2000 recall of Firestone Tires (over 100 lives lost). In fact, the detrimental influences caused by Under-inflation on Handling and Tire Failures was so well documented that the US Congress legislated the TREAD ACT in 2005.

This TREAD ACT Required that all passenger vehicles under 10,000 lbs to have Factory Installed TPMS by January 1st, 2007. Yes, Tire Pressure is a Big Deal.

As long as we maintain those contact patches, our Rides can be awesome, exhilarating, and soul satisfying experiences.

Before today’s ride, let’s take a minute to think about what our Tires do for us. We’ll need to Turn, Slow, Stop, and Go. Modern Brakes can generate forces equal to 300~400 horsepower to the Front Tire and Our Sport Bikes deliver blistering acceleration with their near 200 horsepower at the Rear Tire. Now, Combine any one of the two before mentioned forces with 600+ pounds of bike and rider Carving/turning a Corner and you have a lot riding on those two contact patches. For us Touring Bike riders, the extremes of horsepower and braking are replaced with 800+ pounds of rider and gear.

Quality 2nd To None. This is the Orange Electronic Motorcycle TPMS Valve Stem and Cap

Our new Orange-Electronic M203 TPM Systems are an essential tool that should be a part of Your motorcycle’s On-board Information System. These are designed to mount inside your Tubeless Tires. Sport, Race, Adventure, Touring, and Cruising are All made safer with TPMS Installed.

Those other Cap-type, screw-on sensors rely on air that must come through the schrader valve and actually compromises the valve’s seal. The Cap-types have much smaller batteries, smaller transmitters, and they can’t accurately measure the temperatures of your tires.

You know why every automobile manufacturer puts them inside the rim and not on the stem so don’t compromise. Get one of our TPM Systems today.

The New M203 TPMSystem Gives You

• Tire Pressure Readings Front and Rear Simultaneously Range 0~74 PSI, 508 kPa, 5.1 Bar (programable PSI, kPa, Bar display and accurate to 1 PSI)

• Tire Pressure Warnings – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you Immediately if/when Pressures drop below your Preset limits

• Tire Temperature Readings Front and Rear Simultaneously (programmable F/C and accurate to within 4 Degrees)

• Tire Temperature Warning – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you Immediately if/when Temperatures exceed your Preset Limits

• Motorcycle Battery Voltage – Display Shows Motorcycle Voltage Allowing You to Check Your Bike’s Battery and Charging System’s Heath at a Glance

• Motorcycle Battery System Warning – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you immediately if/when the Bike’s Voltage drops below 11 Volts

• TPMS Sensors Voltage – Display Shows you the Voltage of Front and Rear Each Tire Sensor’s 3-Year Battery

• Safe and Secure In-Tire Sensor Mounting

• Quick, Easy Display Mounting using the Supplied Velcro or 3M Extreme Environment Double Sided Tape

• 12 Months Warranty and No Fuss Replacement standard. Register on our Site and get an additional 12 Months Warranty.

Installed TPMS Sensor

TPMS Sensor Installed

The M203 TPMS Display is easily installed on your dash, fairing, handlebar, brake reservoir, and many other convenient locations.

The sensors replace your valve stems and go inside your rim like the millions installed on today’s automobiles. This keeps the sensor inside and protected from the elements plus gives it the unique ability to Monitor and Warn you should either Pressure or Temperature threaten your Front or Rear Tires.

These are “Tubeless Only” and will not work if your bike uses an inner tube.

Read or Print Our TPMS Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide!

Order On-line or Call Us Today for your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. We’re Ready to Get You Ready!


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