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While we don’t talk about or say the word Safety very often, our constant efforts towards maintenance, carefully selection of gear, and focused attention to riding conditions are done so that we can and do have a safe ride. Tire pressure and tire temperature are just as important to tire condition as thread. We all need a reliable TPMS / Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

None of us would think about riding on worn, damaged tires with bare fiber threads showing through the rubber. The potential for a flat and loss of control would be too high and our better judgement takes over, so we replace that old tire with a new one. Those small patches of contact between the rubber and the road are critical to our riding Safety. How can we improve upon and help preserve that Safety? Installing a new Orange Electronics M203 Series TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Our system alerts you to Tire Pressure and Tire Temperature changes Below and Above your programmable “Safe Zones”.The FIM just announced on February 6th, 2016 that Motorcycle TPMS would be required/mandated equipment on every bike competing in MotoGP. They will only use “In-Tire” sensors – there is a reason for this.

Continuous Tire Pressure Readings

TPMS Continuous Critical Tire Pressure Readout

TPMS Loss of Pressure Warning

TPMS Warning! Loss Of Pressure

The US Congress legislated the THREAD ACT of 2005 into law mandating that every car/truck under 10,000 lbs sold in the US after January 1st 2007 be equipped from the factory with TPMS. There are no exceptions and every car/truck sold since then has used “in-tire” sensors in their monitoring systems. Again, there is a reason for this. Why all this attention to tire pressure? The infamous and devastating 1999/2000 recall of Firestone Tires (over 100 lives were lost) was found to have been caused by Under-inflation. Poor handling and excessive temperatures happen when tires are under-inflated. Combine load, speed, and miles with heat and the tires will fail. The cause and affect was so well documented that the US Congress quickly enacted the TREAD ACT still enforced today.

RRR is the US Authorized Dealer for Orange-Electronic Motorcycle Tire Pressure Tire Temperature Monitoring Systems. Ours sensors/senders go inside the tire just like every car / truck sold does it today. We bring you a Safe, Reliable, and Durable TPM System that accurately measures Tire Pressure and Temperature. None of the Automobile Manufacturers use those small, screw-on valve-stem sensors/senders – Why should you? Look at our TPMSystem Benefits and you’ll see why we use, sell, and stand behind them.

The M203 TPMS Display is easily installed on your dash, fairing, handlebar, brake reservoir, and many other convenient locations. The sensors replace your valve stems and go inside your rim like the millions installed on today’s automobiles. This keeps the sensor inside and protected from the elements plus gives it the unique ability to Monitor and Warn you should either Pressure or Temperature threaten your Front or Rear Tires. These are “Tubeless Only” and will not work if your bike uses an inner tube.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS (video)

Published on Feb 14, 2016
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Our Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS from Orange Electronic keeps you informed on the air pressure and temperature in your motorcycle tires. Our TPMS will alert you whenever tire pressure of tire temperature falls below or exceed preset values.

In addition to measuring your motorcycles tire pressure and temperature, our motorcycle tire pressure monitoring systems new model, the M203 can display your motorcycles main battery and charging systems voltage.

Press and hold the function for 3 seconds and the M203 displays the front and rear sensor’s internal battery voltage so you always know the health of your system’s batteries. The M203 motorcycle tire pressure monitor is an “in-tire” system for tubeless tires.
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The New M203 TPMSystem Gives You

• Tire Pressure Readings Front and Rear Simultaneously Range 0~74 PSI, 508 kPa, 5.1 Bar (programmable PSI, kPa, Bar display and accurate to 1 PSI)
• Tire Pressure Warnings – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you Immediately if/when Pressures drop below your Preset limits
• Tire Temperature Readings Front and Rear Simultaneously (programmable F/C and accurate to within 4 Degrees)
• Tire Temperature Warning – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you Immediately if/when Temperatures exceed your Preset Limits
• Motorcycle Battery Voltage – Display Shows Motorcycle Voltage Allowing You to Check Your Bike’s Battery and Charging System’s Heath at a Glance
• Motorcycle Battery System Warning – Display Screen turns Red to Alert you immediately if/when the Bike’s Voltage drops below 11 Volts
• TPMS Sensors Voltage – Display Shows you the Voltage of Front and Rear Each Tire Sensor’s 3~4-Year Battery
• Safe and Secure In-Tire Sensor Mounting
• Quick, Easy Display Mounting using the Supplied Velcro or 3M Extreme Environment Double Sided Tape
• 12 Months Warranty and No Fuss Replacement standard. Register on our Site and get an additional 12 Months Warranty.

Box Contents and Display TPMS

TPMS Display Unit and Box Contents

Installed TPMS Sensor

TPMS Sensor Installed

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