Motorcycle Tools for Roadside Repairs

RRR Tool Solutions Motorcycle Tool Roll Kit

There are many reasons why the RRR Tool Solutions 46 Piece Adventure Tool Roll Kit is the best you can buy. Let us explain –

First, our tools are made to fit Metric Motorcycles, ATV’s and Snowmobiles. Second, they are the most complete assortment of tools that you’ll need for your Roadside or Trailside Repairs. Third, they are compact and all fit into our exclusive RRR Tool Solutions Textile Tool Roll. The tools are made for the Roll, the Roll is made for the tools. We added two additional slots and a zippered pocket into our roll for those favorite items that you might want to add.

We did not simply take “shelf items” and put them together. Our tools are designed and meet our specification. With 11 propitary designs, 2 Patents, and innovations throughout, you won’t find another Tool Kit so full of features.

Why our 46 Piece Kits?

60 Tool Combinations Shown Possible from Our 46 Piece Kits

60 Tool Combinations are in every one of our RRR Premium Adventure Tool Roll Kits. 46 Pieces only describes the actual pieces you touch/see.

Our T-Handle uses 17 different and unique Bits

  • 3 JIS Cross Points, 3 Flats, 4 Allen Hex Head, 7 Torx
  • 2 Adapters facilitate the use of our 7 Sockets – 6mm, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 17

Our Plate Ratchet uses 17 different and unique Bits

  • 3 JIS Cross Points, 3 Flats, 4 Allen Hex Head, 7 Torx
  • 2 Adapters facilitate the use of our 7 Sockets – 6mm, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 17
  • 2 Extensions (3″ and 6″) provide additional reach if needed
Unique Hand Wrench Design for Motorcycles

Our 6 Piece Hand Wrench Set
Is specially designed with Boxed and Open-ends separated – No Car Wrenches here. What difference does it make? You’d have to carry 12 combination wrenches the other guys sell to have the same 6 sizes in each hand.

Think about it, a 12mm bolt on the right and a 12mm nut on the left of your bike – with traditional “Combination Wrenches” you’ve got the same size on both ends, so 12 wrenches. Look at ours again and you’ll see we broke the cookie-cutter approach and designed real Motorcycle Wrenches.
8mm x 2, 10mm x 2, 12mm x 2, 13mm x 2, 14mm x 2, 17mm x 2

RRR Nesting Sparkplug Wrench Set

Our Patented Nesting Sparkplug Wrench Set
Has 3 different Socket sizes
*** 16mm (5/8″), 18mm, and 13/16″ Sparkplug Sockets and with their unique Hex Key system, utilize 4 different methods of engagement. Add to this the fact the Key allows variable length/reach since it can slide into the socket and be engaged with the Boxed or Open-end Wrenches anywhere along its length as needed for clearance.

See and Read what our customers say about us. Visit our Customer Reviews page and you’ll know why you’re going to love our tools as much as they do.
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Motorcycle Tool Kit

Published on Aug 24, 2015
Motorcycle Tools
Our Motorcycle Tool Kit is the best available motorcycle tools anywhere.

The motorcycle tools in our tool kit, enables recovery and repairs, out on the interstate, Dual-Sporting, back-roads or deep in the woods. With our tool kit packed on your motorcycle you will be able to make repairs and get back home.

Come see what makes our 46-piece motorcycle tool kit different from any set you’ve ever seen before. It is the most complete set of Roadside/Carry-on motorcycle tools anywhere.

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