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The Rules of Motorcycle Travel defy the old saying “You Can’t Take It With You”. At RRR, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and packaging of Motorcycle Tools and Motorcycle Tool Kits specifically for those dreaded roadside and trailside breakdowns. Our Axle Nut Socket Set, Motorcycle Axle Drivers, and Motorcycle Tool Roll Kits are essential for repairs, adjustments, and recovery steps to get you back on your route.

Tools Are Essential To Motorcycle Travel

Motorcycle Travel Tools Are Essential

Packing? Yea, tools better be on that list. You can spend weeks planning and making detailed lists of your camping gear items, medical supplies, hygiene products, clothing, and even food, but none of those will get you back in the seat after a flat or mechanical fail 20 miles short of Nowhere.

Check out our new Axle Nut Socket Set and Motorcycle Axle Drivers. Our 7 Piece Axle Socket Set fits thousands of motorcycles and our newest Axle Drivers many of the axles with the big Allens.

Set Of Axle Sockets

Axle Nut Socket Set

This motorcycle Axle Nut Socket Set is super-strong, lightweight, and pack able so you can and will take it with you. The 7 pieces are designed to loosen, tighten, or remove the front and rear axle nuts.

This Metric wrench set includes a 9″ long double-ended handle that weighs just six ounces! The handle is double-ended with two different sized openings that fit the small and large corresponding sockets.

The large end operates the included 32mm, 27mm, and 24mm sockets while the small end operates the included 22mm, 19mm, and 17mm sockets.

Set of Axle Sockets

The sockets are simply “flipped” over to switch directions from loosen to tighten modes. The wrench is easily engaged from the bottom, the top, or sides of the nut where maximum wrench clearance is found. This handle pushes or pulls the rotation depending on how and where you engage it so you can take full advantage of available travel.

Each socket weighs less than 2 ounces and has a thin profile so they can be used in tight places where exhaust or saddlebags may interfere. The handle action ratchets over the sockets for ease and speed of use while their unique design of engagement keeps the torque directly over the workload.

Motorcycle Packing Tips

Camping Gear On Motorcycle

Here are a few of Gordon’s Tips for Motorcycle Packing that we hope will save you time and make your travel stops and starts each day less stressful and much easier. These are lessons that I learned the hard way.

Set Of 7-Piece Axle Nut Sockets

Left Side Bag
Pack your heavy and “Emergency” items in the left side bag. Plan and pack the left side with the idea that you’ll leave it on the bike during the entire trip and that you’ll only go inside in the event something goes wrong. The left side bag should be your Reserved and least-used items like tools, compressor, tube or tire repair, and spare parts. The bike’s side stand is on the left and this weight helps prevent blow-overs or bumps.

Right Side Bag
Pack your “nightly” items that you’ll use most at the end of the day in the right side bag. You can remove this bag and take it to the shower room, tent, or hotel when it’s time to wash-up, cook, shower, or to change clothes and the day’s ride is over. Think of the right side as your “carry-on bag” that you will access daily, but only at the end of the day. This strategy also helps that side stand stay planted to the left during the night once you’ve removed the right side bag or it’s contents..

Passenger Seat or Rear Rack
Pack the items that you’re going to need “first” when it’s time to set-up Camp. Visualize camp set-up in your mind and pack the topside gear in reverse order. I prefer Dry Bags, but a well-protected dufflebag can be more economical and as effective (just be sure that sleeping bag is kept DRY). Here is a sequenced list of how I pack my seat/rear gear arranged so that the first thing I need is at the top!

  • Camp Stove and Fuel (bottom)
  • Food Items
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Mattress Pad (air or Thermarest)
  • Tent
  • Tent Poles
  • Ground Cloth
  • Rain Gear (top)

Don’t torture yourself with getting wet, cold, and not being able to get your rain gear on quickly – keep it in an easily identified bag that you can spot and access quickly.

Following these steps will keep the items you’re not ready for on the bike and give you a place for them once you do.

Tank Bag
Anything and Everything that you will need to access while sitting on the bike. Add a 12 volt charging system if needed, make this your “go to” bag every time you need a drink, cell phone, camera, map, chewing gum, snack, ear plugs, iPod – whatever you think or can imagine using between the time you get on the bike in the morning and getting off the bike in the evening.

****One last suggestion is to compartmentalize the “Item Groups” within your bags. You can use 1 Gallon Zip Locs or other bag types to organize the food items, under garments, hygiene products, socks, etc.

Tool Roll Set for Motorcycles

Moto Stand 3R

Stand for Motorcycles

The Sprocket Socket Axle Wrench (video)

Published on Sep 21, 2015
Sprocket Socket Axle Wrench
One Sprocket Socket Axle Wrench fits thouands of motorcycles. This 7 piece motorcycle axle wrench includes a 9″ double-ended handle and 6 sockets made of super-strong T-6 tempered aluminum. Included socket sizes are 32mm, 27mm, 24mm, 22mm, 19mm, and 17mm.

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