Honda 1966 S90 – Super 90

honda s90 1966

The 1966 Honda S90 – the S was for Super, the 90 for it’s cc displacement. “Super 90” and it lived up to that name 100% and more for me as an 11 year-old when I got my first one. 62 mph, about 75 mpg, 2-up capacity, and stone reliable. These small, near perfect machines are part of what made Honda number one. Honda focused on the needs of American buyers. The S90 had bullet-proof reliability, and $400 pricing brand new. By every definition, this was a super machine in 1966.

my wifes and mine honda 90s

I got my first one in 1969 for $100 at age 11 and never forgot the freedom and mobility that it gave back. This replacement is an exact copy of that first ‘real’ motorcycle that I ever owned. It’s currently on loan to Dale, owner of Wheels Through Time Museum where it sits in his lobby of the museum. Dale’s first motorcycle was also one of these Super 90’s.

CT90 and the S90

Honda ruled the 1960’s and wrote the book on how to win the hearts of American buyers with bikes like these. Their advertising campaigns included “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” and broke the bad-boy image barriers. Americans bought these by the thousands.
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