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Kawasaki MACH IV H2C 750

Kawasaki 750 H2 MACH IV

Kawasaki introduced the 3 Cylinder, 2-Stroke, 750cc MACH IV motorcycle in 1972 as a big brother to the 500cc MACH III they introduced in 1969.

Why not make a 750? – After all, that 500 MACH III was the fastest and quickest “production vehicle” you could buy in 1969 and 1970. No car or other motorcycle available for sale then could beat the 500 MACH III in the quarter mile. As other companies were trying to catch-up, Kawasaki released the 750 MACH IV in 1972 to make sure that the Kawasaki name stayed on top of the food chain through the quarter mile.
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Suzuki 1974 GT750 Grand Tourismo

Instruments On the 1974 GT750 Suzuki

Water Temperature and Gear Position

The Suzuki GT750 Triple is probably one of history’s most confusing models of motorcycles ever sold to consumers. Some don’t know that it even existed, others do remember it and are still confused, but many of us know and Love these bikes as the Wonderful and Reliable bikes they were. The Suzuki GT750’s were built from 1972 to 1978. They were all large-displacement, 3-cyclinder, 2-Strokes built for Highway Touring, hence the name Grand Tourismo (GT750). They were not performance machines – Kawasaki‘s S1, S2, and the notorious H1’s/H2’s had that covered.
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Kawasaki 1985 GPZ750E Turbo

Kawasaki GPZ750E Turbo 1985

The 1985 Kawasaki GPZ750E Turbo

The 1985 Kawasaki GPZ750E Turbo was what many consider to have been top of the food chain in 1984/1985. Only 2,200 of these 1985 models were built and were among the very last of all the factory turbos to be offered by Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, or Yamaha. Kawasaki was late to the Turbo party when they introduced the first model in 1984, but like Thor – they arrived with the biggest and meanest hammer when they did.
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Honda 1974 CB750 Four CB750K4

The Honda CB750 Four fully restored

Honda CB750 Motorcycles

The Honda CB750 Four – A Historical Achievement for 1969

I don’t remember the production release of 1969 when the Honda CB750 started hitting the showrooms and was only 11 at the time. Here now 46 years later though, and thousands of us still live with these bikes. Honda introduced the CB750 Four Motorcycle to the world and in doing so, re-wrote what would become the New Normal. It was the first production traverse in-line Four. Four cylinders, four carburetors, four pipes, and a Front Disc Brake. All this was amazing stuff for 1969. It would take years for the rest to catch up. More than ½ Million CB750 Fours were made in just 10 years! (553,400) The last SOHC 750 Four was made almost 40 years ago, ending that amazing run in 1978.
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Kawasaki 1968 A7SS Avenger Scrambler

1968 A7SS Avenger Scrambler

These photos were taken of my 1968 Kawasaki Avenger A7SS 350cc, 2-Stroke Rotary Valve Twin. Always the “other guys” – Kawasaki motorcycles were kind of dark and definitely different. Kawasaki did and still does build some amazing machinery. These bikes are kind of rare and hard to find, especially in original condition since they never made it to mainstream numbers. Their performance reputation was also alluring to the Go Faster Crowd who tend to use everything their machines can offer.
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Honda 1969 CT90 Trail

1969 CT90

This is a 1969 Honda CT90 / Trail 90 with 738 original miles. It was purchased new in Anderson, SC just 20 miles away from where it was used daily in commuting back and forth to classes at Clemson University in 1969/1970. The woman that bought it new kept it for more than 40 years in her Clemson garage.
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Honda 1966 S90 – Super 90

honda s90 1966

The 1966 Honda S90 – the S was for Super, the 90 for it’s cc displacement. “Super 90” and it lived up to that name 100% and more for me as an 11 year-old when I got my first one. 62 mph, about 75 mpg, 2-up capacity, and stone reliable. These small, near perfect machines are part of what made Honda number one. Honda focused on the needs of American buyers. The S90 had bullet-proof reliability, and $400 pricing brand new. By every definition, this was a super machine in 1966.
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1971 Yamaha XS1B 650 Twin

1971 Yamaha

Today’s bike is my 1971 Yamaha XS1B. This example is a survivor and not a restore. I only wish I could age this gracefully… she is now 44 Years Old! Original paint, original chrome, and those gauges are the same ones that have been looking back since coming out of the factory’s crate 44 long years ago. I, like her previous owners have smiled back at those gauges every time she takes us down the road.
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Honda 1967 CB450 K0 Black Bomber

CB450 Honda 1967

This is the 1967 Honda CB450 K0 Black Bomber. Introduced in 1965, these were serious performers for Honda. It’s easy to laugh now, but from 1965 ~ 1969 these were the biggest, baddest, and most “sporty” of all Honda motorcycles before 1969. You have to go-back in time and realize that Honda introduced the Mighty “King of Motorcycles” as Honda’s founder called it – the CB750 Four only in 1969.
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1965 Honda CL77 (305cc) Scrambler

Honda 1965 scrambler

These photos are of a 1965 Honda CL77 (305cc) Scrambler that I bought and restored back in 2010. The 1965 CL77’s had several 1-year only features, making this one both more interesting and more difficult to restore. The forks, front fender, chainguard, brakes, clutch and brake lever perches were just some of the items unique to the 1965 CL77 Scrambler. Honda used/carried-over those parts from their 250cc (CL72) for the 1965 model since the easiest way to hot-rod the increasingly popular Scrambler was to give it their Superhawk 305 engine! Then, in 1966, new forks, lever perches, chainguard, and better brakes from the famous Black Bomber CB450 K0 were installed.
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